Praxidyn - Automated Chemical Mixing and Records

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North Wing - 4724

34488 Juniper Rd.
Oakland, Iowa 51560
United States of America

P: 712-587-9720

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About Praxidyn - Automated Chemical Mixing and Records

Mixmate is a portable chemical mixing system with automated recordkeeping built by Praxidyn. With Mixmate’s flexible design, you have a portable system for mobile blending and increased sprayer efficiency. Automated recordkeeping monitors product usage to ease management tasks. We believe data should be collected automatically as you work and be available at your fingertips on your smartphone or in the office. Intersect is our cloud service connected to Mixmate. Intersect is the easy way to access and manage Mixmate systems. Intersect connects the equipment and smartphones to the office data systems. Your data is backed up automatically and securely. The electronics for Mixmate and Intersect are designed to be modular. This is a major feature that makes our system flexible for you. Anywhere a scale or flowmeter is involved, data is generated and we want to collect the data automatically. The flexibility of the hardware is paired with flexibility in the software. Systems can be as simple as data logging from a scale or flowmeter. Farmers and commercial applicators can use the system in the field to support spraying equipment. Aerial applicators need portability for helicopters in the field and airplanes may need a mixing system at the airport. The software supports small operations all the way to enterprise level organizations. The cloud connection through Intersect supports third-party software systems. Mixmate brings value in many ways. We all must do more with less manpower. Fast fill times keep expensive machines rolling with less stress on the operators. Automatic data collection reduces recordkeeping time in the field and the office while improving accuracy. Mixmate is a tool to help make you more productive. Keep expensive machines rolling. Reduce errors and lost inventory. Product inventory and usage information is available at your fingertips. The Mixmate app can be used stand alone for manual data entry or add components to automate features. Tailor a mixing system just the way you like it. Mixmate modules connect to scales, flow meters, valves and pumps. Mixmate is designed to be portable and rugged. Farming is a very relationship-oriented business. Praxidyn is no different for us. We look forward to meeting our customers and serving them well. Our business cards have a quote on the back from Proverbs 3:6 . . . “In everything you do, put God first, and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success.” These words and many more words from the Bible direct us every day. This is the foundation we build our business upon. Please stop by our Praxidyn Booth #4724 and say hello to Doug and Kathy!
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